The Gift Of Gift-Giving

WINTER MIGHT BE the coldest time of year in terms of weather, but it can also be the warmest in love and cheer thanks to that wonderful spirit of giving. Of course, we all love getting presents over the holidays, but there’s something extra special about seeing someone we care about open the presents we so carefully chose for them. That’s why our practice is taking a moment to look back on our favorite memories of gift-giving!

Our Team’s Favorite Christmas Gift-Giving Memories


Last Christmas, I was Wendy’s Secret Santa, here at the office.  Wendy enjoys gifts of meaning and thought.  I knew she enjoys Lambs, is strong in her faith, and appreciates kind words of encouragement.  So I got her a journal to write her faithful thoughts with a Lamb Charm bookmark.  I also wrote her a letter, expressing my appreciation of not only my love for her as my coworker but also thankfulness of our strong friendship!  Watching Wendy open the gift gave me great joy because I think she was expecting a materialistic present, not a gift of kind gesture and meaning.  As she completed reading the letter, I could see happiness in her eyes!  What made it the Best is Wendy has brought up and thanked me for this simple gift many, many times.  Don’t think I’ve ever given a gift with so much appreciation.   Not only that, this gift has grown Wendy and I’s friendship more each day.


This is my favorite memory of gift giving. When I was little, I always loved making Christmas tree ornaments for our tree. Still to this day we have them. It always took a little bit of planning for my little brain because I wanted to make each one different every year. It was so exciting to put it on the tree at Christmas.


My favorite memory of giving a gift is when I set up a game. In the game everyone sit’s in a circle with oven mitt on. Each person gets a chance to open the present that has been wrapped several times with the oven mitt on. They try until the person in front of them roll’s double’s on a set of dice. Once the person in front of them roll’s double’s than its their turn to try to open the gift with the mitt on until the person in front of them roll’s double… and so on. The person who get’s the present unwrapped and opened got the gift inside. (Which was an Amazon Gift Card). Everyone had a lot of fun and got competitive.

Looking For Fun Gift Exchange Ideas?

If you’re looking for a new gift-giving tradition to try out, take a look at a few of the ideas here. We’ve shared two of the ones we thought were unique!

  • “Cookie-swap packing party. Besides cookies to swap at the party, guests bring extras, along with metal tins, takeout containers, plastic boxes, and packing materials. Together, you carefully box up the extra cookies to ship to out-of-town family and friends.”
  • “Swap toys with Santa. Along with cookies and milk, leave (gently used) old toys under the tree on Christmas Eve for Santa to “take back to the North Pole.” (You can donate them to an organization like Toys for Tots or Goodwill.)”

If you’re trying to think of ways to teach your children the joys of giving gifts, check out this short video:

What Are Your Favorite Gift-Giving Memories?

We’d love to hear some of our patients’ best gift-giving stories, so share yours with us in the comments below. Whether they’re sweet or funny, we can’t wait to read your stories! We hope you make wonderful new gift-giving memories this holiday season!

Thank you for always being our valued patients and friends!

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